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Mr. Robert Bessette is the owner / operator of Best Coast Massage. Robert has been providing discounted therapeutic massages to Southwest Florida for relaxation and pain relief, and lately the most popular of all: stress relief. He has been offering massages for 14 years.

10 Benefits of Massage Therapy

'Massage is beneficial for almost all diseases. 80% of all disease is stress-related, and massage reduces stress.' Sandra Mclanahan, M.D.

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  1. Massage for Muscle Pain Relief. Massage therapy can helpful in decreasing many different muscle and joint pains. It increases the blood flow to muscles which brings in new nutrients and oxygen. It can decrease migraine pain.
  2. Lymphatic Massage therapy can help build your immune system. One of our major defenses against infections is the lymphatic system. Lymphatic fluid carries antibodies and white blood cells throughout the body. It has been clinically proven that massage helps to assist the blood and lymph circulation throughout our bodies, which in turn helps us to sustain our immunity.
  3. Aromatherapy If you suffer from any level of anxiety or depression, massage may also help with that. Gentle message in combination with breathing techniques can be soothing. Adding aromatherapy can be helpful. The different massage techniques can help to break down adhesions and to separate muscles fibers. This eliminates metabolic waste and helps to deliver more oxygen and nutrition where it is needed.
  4. Massage also has the potential to speed up the recovery time of an injury. By using precise techniques, toxins and waste are removed from the area and replace with new nutrient boosting blood. Massage can help to stretch out and manipulate scar tissue to minimize the risk of repeated injury.
  5. Massages for Flexibility This is done by using techniques that help to free muscle fibers and stretch out different muscles and limbs.
  6. Massage for Insomnia Insomnia can also be helped with massage therapy. Lack of sleep is very hard on the body and can affect your quality of life. Massage combined with aroma therapy has been proven to help clients get a more restful sleep.
  7. Massage can also help with improving posture. A good massage therapist can help identify postural imbalances and work at correcting them. Improper posture can cause neck pain.
  8. There are even cosmetic benefits, such as the reduction of appearance of cellulite. Massage helps to break down fatty tissues and drain fluid to the lymph drainage areas. Facial massage has been proven to help tighten facial muscles, giving you a younger looking complexion.
  9. Simply time for yourself. Massages increase the dopamine and serotonin levels, which in turn reduce stress hormones. It’s important to understand that your mental health is just as important as physical health.
  10. Decrease symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome